The Most Valued Technology Trends Of 2019

Most Valued Technology Trends Of 2019

Tech is the one industry that never stays the same. It is ever-changing with the invention of new contrivances day in day out. Technology is that gift to humanity that keeps on giving. The reason behind this is that it is applicable in every industry used by people. Be it motor and locomotive, medical, scientific or educative, to mention a few. So much so, it is without question the one thing that elevated civilization to be what we know of today. So over the years, we have seen a multitude of groundbreaking innovations in the technological world. From the early eras of the discovery of the light bulb to the development of Artificial Intelligence and everything in-between. The list is quite long, and in this piece, we shall focus on the trendy ones that have made massive waves in 2019.


All institutions ranging from governmental ones to private ones, have extensive databases that they have to safeguard against any breach. They have to protect their data from any malfunctions caused by viruses, spams, and trojan horses. These systems have to be on par to keep hackers and other cyber thieves at far. Otherwise, more severe attacks may happen. The most common ones are adware, ransomware, and spyware.

Adware is a form of a computer virus that presents itself as adverts and attack the system when the ad is clicked. The ransomware is a software designed to withhold vital business info and threatening to delete it all unless a ransom is paid. And spyware is a software that spies on your computer’s actions and mirrors everything on the hacker’s computer. Any of the above attacks would result in devastating losses that will render any enterprise at a disadvantage.

Today, however, cybersecurity has been pumped up to levels impenetrable by anyone without the necessary sanction. Cybercrimes have drastically reduced as more sophisticated systems come fully equipped with ant-virus, anti-spam, wireless security, and online content filtration features. They are further protecting the cyberspaces from any threat possible.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Software

Two of the most phenomenal tech developments to grace the face of the earth are Virtual reality and Augmented Reality Softwares. This duo has revolutionized training sessions in several industries. They have gone the extra mile into putting our imaginative life aspects into a relatable reality through realistic computer simulations.

For one, the gaming world has experienced significant advancements that have made simulations more real and more engaging. Both VR and AR have the player experience the movements during the game on a whole new level. Through the controls, one can feel the hits and crushes through vibrations. Through the headgear, one is inducted into the game world, and they become one with their avatar.

These two have also been very useful to create both aviation and army practice drills. The realistic conveying of a realistic scene has had both the soldiers and pilots train in the best way possible. The obstacles they are bound to face on the ground or air are programmed accordingly through the simulations, and the practice to overcome them is done. The candidates get to master the lesson without anyone getting hurt in case of an accident within the simulation. Not only is it educative but also quite innovative and very enjoyable. Every simulation is a step closer to perfecting their skills.

Hybrid Clouds

Just as the name suggests, these clouds are an upgrade from the previous public ones that had major drawbacks when it came to their control and privacy operations. The hybrid clouds have user-friendly control settings that allow the users to customize the private end. One is able to choose what to display publicly and what to keep secret. The speed at which uploads and downloads are achieved is faster than their prior versions. Data transfer is therefore operated at minimum latency and at the user’s best convenience.

Security in the prevention of data leakage and cyber attacks is highly optimized. Data storage and transfer within this hybrid cloud are much protected, and the privacy levels are customizable. Companies and individuals leverage the security of a private cloud using the products and services of a public cloud. Hybrid clouds are very scalable, considering one is easily able to expand their network. You can quickly build, maintain and expand that network to fit your company’s needs. Another impressive feature the hybrid clouds possess is that critical data, assets, and operations can continue to reside in the private cloud. And they can consequently be expanded to fit their operational capacity.

The cost of the hybrid cloud will be a bit on the higher end, but the features it holds make it a worthwhile investment that your enterprise needs.

Green Technology

Over the past few years, there have been several campaigns on the usage of environmentally friendly forms of tech. Green technology is, therefore, at the forefront of these crusades. It entails the usage of renewable sources of energy such as the sun, wind, and water. These sources are quite resourceful as they power panels and turbines to produce electricity which is used with almost all machines; home and industrial. Geothermal wells are also another source of renewable and ever-giving sources of energy.

Green-tech goes a long way into ensuring the environment receives less pollution by immensely reducing the emissions these machines give out. Consequently, the conservation of water, the reduction of waste production, and the consumption of less energy are yet other advantages green tech has to offer the environment.

Green technology is costly, although if nothing is done, the outcomes will be far worse than what we are facing now.

Artificial Intelligence

If you have watched movies involving robots doing human-like things such as reading, then you have been initiated into the world of artificial intelligence. AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, mainly by computer systems. These systems are designed and engineered with advanced technology that enables these computer devices to learn and reason with ease just as a human would.

This innovation is far from completion, but the voice recognition part is perhaps the most advanced. And this is evident by the availability of a few applications already in use. A perfect example is Siri, an Apple-made personal assistance application. Siri operates on a question-answer basis between the software and the user. A user can ask Siri anything from locational information, general or even specific questions, and Siri would search through the internet and speak back the answer.

Another result of artificial intelligence is by the automobile company, Tesla. Tesla cars have advanced tech that is voice-controlled, has self-driving and predictive run features. Other software includes Cogito, Alexa, Netflix, and the legendary flying drones.


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