Portable Sonic Guns To Target Protestors in China

sonic weapon china

China has made the world’s first hand-held sonic gun which can scatter crowds by causing throbbing vibrations in the eardrums, eyeballs, brain, and other internal organs. The law enforcement and military developed the rifle, which uses low-frequency sounds, resulting in a ‘biological effect’ on the body, according to the report published in the South China Morning Post.

Studies have revealed deeper noises, or infrasounds can result in anything from mild uneasiness to faintness, bowel spasms, vomiting, organ damage and heart attacks, the newspaper reports.

riot police in honk kong
Chinese scientists have developed the world’s first portable sonic gun for riot control which can disperse crowds by causing painful vibrations in the eyes and organs (riot police pictured in Hong Kong)

The sonic weapon, which is usually fixed on vehicles, is hand-held and driven by gas which, when heated will produce a monotonous and deep sound, the Chinese Academy of Sciences said.

However, Xie would not disclose details of the device’s frequency or its range.

The project, initiated in 2017, has been permitted by the Ministry of Science and Technology for mass production.

The model has passed the field and third-party tests, and scientists have finished an assessment of its effects on the body, according to scientists.

The news arrives as China struggles with how to address current pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, which have at times become intense and brought the city’s airport to a halt.

‘The panel recommended that the fruit of the project should be turned into practical equipment as soon as possible,’ Professor Xie Xiujuan, chief scientist on the project, told the newspaper.

CMP reports that she also refused to comment on its possible uses without approval from higher authorities.

los angeles usa sonic weapon
An LA (USA) police officer stands by a sound cannon at a demonstration – The Chinese scientists say they have made it portable and taken this tech to a new level. Photo Credit: AFP

However, it is difficult to comment when the weapon will be used by Chinese soldiers or law enforcement or if they will be used on anti-government demonstrations in Hong Kong.

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It comes after the police have used non-deadly weapons to confront demonstrators in the independent region of China after weeks of political disorder. Riot police have used rubber bullets and tear gas to diffuse demonstrations as violence intensified on the streets.

Hong Kong has been shaken by a series of anti-government protests for the past three months. In the beginning, the demonstrations were sparked by a recommended law that would allow some criminal suspects to be sent to mainland China to face trial.



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