Ring is giving its customers more charge over their account security with the new Control Center feature in its application.

Expecting to protect customer accounts from hacking address fears related to the sharing of customer videos with law enforcement agencies, Ring in January publicized a new privacy-focused feature for its mobile app.

Coming out to user accounts now, Control Center offers a centralized place for users to watch the devices and shared users on their account and opt-out of getting video requests from local police departments. Ring customers only need the latest version of the iOS or Android app installed on their device to acquire it.

ring police request for video 2

Opt-out of police requests with only a few taps.

Opt out of police requests

Presently, Ring users will get a request whenever their sheriff’s office or local police department is seeking information or proof in an investigation. It’s a voluntary demand, so you don’t have to offer anything if you don’t want to.

Though, you can inactivate law enforcement video requests entirely for your Ring account by following these steps:

  1. Open the Ring app and slide out the side menu.
  2. Choose Control Requests Center.
  3. Pat on Video under Community Control.
  4. Turn the Video Requestsswitch to the Off position.
  5. Approve(Confirm) the change.

Do remember that turning off the alerts doesn’t mean law enforcement can never gain access to your Ring videos. If you share some of your videos with Ring’s Neighbors network, then it’s just game for the police to access, view and download. The police also can obtain your videos if they get a warrant.

Interested if your local law departments have joined Ring’s Neighbors app? You can view Ring’s Active Agency Map by scrolling to the bottom of the Video Requests page and selecting the map.

Don’t leave Control Center just yet

Control Center includes more than just a switch to stop you from getting police requests. It’s also where you can go to control the security of your Ring account and see who or what has access to it.

ring control center primary

Use Ring’s Control Center to remove services, devices and other users.

The Authorized Client Devices section will show you every computer or phone that’s now logged into your Ring account. You can’t eliminate individual devices, but you can make every device — including the one you’re using to see the list — to sign out of your Ring account. It would be good to add the ability to eliminate individual devices, especially for those occasions when you forgot to sign out of a phone you’ve just upgraded from.

The Shared Users division only applies if you share your Ring account with a colleague or family member. Use it to handle their access to particular devices on your Ring account, send invitations to new users, or cancel someone’s access.

The Linked Accounts section will display any outside services, like Amazon’s Alexa or the automation website If This Then That (IFTTT), that are connected to your Ring account. Different from the devices section, you can separately remove a service, but not erase all connections at the same time.

Ring also offers more information about how it handles your data and information, as well as details about the company’s relationship with law enforcement agencies.

One of the initial steps you should take to protect any of your online accounts is to use two-factor authentication. Of course, that’s after you’ve chosen a password manager and started using exceptional and complex passwords for your accounts. And just to be secure, you should lock down your wireless account to have your phone numbers safe.




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