How to Create a Super Simple Savings Habit to Save Money Faster

How to Create a Super Simple Savings Habit to Save Money Faster

In this article, I am going to share with you my super simple and easy weekly savings plan so that you can better save your money faster, easier and without the stress of having to live on nearly no money.

The first part of your weekly savings plan, is you need to determine how much and when you’re going to need this money. I’m not talking about doing something that you’re going to need or use next week; this isn’t a quick one-time savings plan, this is something that’s going to help you with the next holiday season.

Many of us come out in the holidays just feeling overwhelmed and kind of beat up, especially when we take a look at our bank account. In a recent study, it shows that it takes most families four months to recover from the holidays. That’s just from what they are spending! They spend so much during Christmas and holidays and travel and gifts that it takes them four months to recover from it. That’s crazy that’s a third of your year just gone!

We’re going to create a weekly savings plan to help prevent that. It’s simply saving $22 a week. You can start any time of the year but if you want to save over $1,000 so that you can spend on Christmas, think about it – add up how much you spent on Christmas gifts this year

This is how much you should be saving or you should be trying to cut that down. So $1,000 is a good chunk of money to buy gifts for your kids, family, co-workers, and friends. This is a good chunk of money to have just sitting there waiting for you to use it, without having to swipe a credit card or pull from your emergency funds.

Most of us have New Year’s resolutions that revolve around getting healthy or getting financially fit. This savings plan is so simple and easy, it doesn’t require a lot of brainwork. It doesn’t require a lot of stress or prep work, and you can start tackling it this week and feel like you have accomplished part of your New Year’s resolution.

Let’s say I am trying to save enough money for Black Friday. Actually let’s say the Friday before Black Friday. Why am I trying to get it to end then? You can do most of your Christmas shopping if not 95% of it, on Black Friday.

You can get some really nice presents at a really good price if you just shop smart. By shopping smart, you can have a ton of savings. What I like to do is I like to create a plan. Just like having a strategic business plan, having your own personal savings plan helps keep you on track. That way, when Black Friday hits, not only do I know what I want to get everyone on my list but I also know where the good deals are going to be.

The whole purpose of savings and budgeting is so that you can end up with a good pot of money to pull from if you have an emergency or when you need the money for Christmas. So, how in the world are you supposed to save $22 a week, when you are barely getting by?

How to find the savings

Well, it’s simple. I have a few challenges you can start doing this week with your family to easily come up with the $22. Firstly, stop eating out. I hate to say it, I love eating out. Most families spend anywhere from $30-$50 when they go out to eat, and a lot of us are doing that two or three times a week.

Just cut that down to once a week and you will easily see that $22 magically appear in your bank account.

You can stop eating out at lunch and just start bringing your lunch every week and I’m sure you can easily come up with the twenty-two dollars that you need for this savings plan.

This can all seem tough, so for a little motivation, have your goal written down where you see it regularly. Another method is to start tracking your savings using either personal finance software or even just a Google sheet, so you can see how the money is starting to grow.

Another idea is a no eating out a challenge. It’s simply a spending freeze but only for eating out and it’s not as dramatic or as difficult as the entire spending freeze, where you don’t even go out and buy milk or gas for your car. This is simply where you don’t eat out for a certain period of time; you can do one month, two months, three months however long you want to do it for.

I highly recommend doing something so that you can come up with that $22. I’m sure you can come up with a way to stop spending money.


This savings plan works great when you’re trying to save for large purchases, as well so not just having money set aside for buying gifts during Christmas. It works really well when you are just needing to save for something big, such as a new couch, a new fridge or anything like that.

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