Customizing your keyboard by switching out its keycaps is absolutely nothing brand-new, however, this is the very first time we have actually seen a Star Wars set that’s gotten an official true blessing from Lucasfilm, through SyFy.

The Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA keycap set includes a color pattern that would not be out of place at a computer system terminal in the Death Star! They even have genuine Aurebesh lettering, the character set that provides the official written language of the Star Wars universe.
Getting the official seal of approval from Lucasfilm didn’t come inexpensively. These keycaps will retail for $250 when they go on sale on December 10th, which does NOT come with a keyboard?!

However, if that seems like an affordable quantity of cash to invest in simply one part of ONE PART of a PC interface, then you’re really getting a quite decently made piece of package from the keycap specialists at Signature Plastics The keycaps include dye-sublimated lettering (indicating it’s should not deteriorate anytime soon), and they’re constructed of PBT plastic, the more difficult using of the 2 plastics utilized for keycap building. The set consists of keycaps that must fit most non-standard keyboard designs, and yes, there are even ISO caps in there for European keyboard owners. The “DSA” in their name describes their profile, which has the cool retro curves of an SA keycap without their unwieldy height.

The hardest choice you’ll need to make will be whether to opt for a completely Aurebesh experience, or whether you desire each key to include its English letter together with its Aurebesh equivalent. We reckon if you’re going to invest $250 on a set of keycaps, then you may also simply learn to touch-type, however, we ‘d understand if you really desire your $250 keycaps to have actually helpful info printed on them.

You’ll have up until January 5th to put your order on either NovelKeys or KonoStore A word of caution, though: since these will basically be made to purchase based upon need, you should not anticipate your costly keycaps to be provided until around late April 2019 at the earliest.