GoPro Quik subscribers are getting unlimited storage cloud backups

Go pro

The GoPro Quik app is getting more useful for subscribers. GoPro is giving them unlimited storage cloud backups at no extra cost. What’s more, the app can back up photos and videos at full-scale quality.

The mural feature is designed to showcase your favorite memories and maybe free up some space on your phone. Not only can you send captures from your GoPro to the cloud, the application lets you save pictures and videos from anywhere on your device, including your camera clicks, using the share sheet. The latest version of the Android app now includes limited storage, and the upgrade is coming to iOS soon.

Being able to upload unlimited pictures and videos at full quality is a solid improvement for GoPro Quik subscribers. At $2/month nd $10/year, it might prove a more attractive storage solution than Google One or iCloud. That service plan is up to $10/month for 2TB of storage. Google Photos ended free unlimited storage in June. You might even use GoPro Quik as a secondary, low-cost backup option for all of your photos and videos.

GoPro had merged its namesake app with Quik earlier this year. Mural organizes pictures and videos into events and the app can automatically generate highlight videos for you. There are editing tools for your pictures and videos, filters, and access to royalty-free music tracks.

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