In a bold move, tech giant Google has jumped on-board the growing independent game development scene in South-East Asia.

The projected potential was the soul-reason the region was chosen, (over the likes of Sydney, Japan, and even Silicone Valley) with the Tech company estimating the industry will thrive and be worth approximately a quarter of a TRILLION Dollars in just over six years!

To help drive this growth, Google is taking it upon itself to invest in various forms of local currency to line the pockets of developers; from pre-paid credit cards, billing and even gift cards. This allows the region’s market options in order to purchase games, as they are set to be available at around 42,000 different retailers.

Although its early days, Google is adamant that the strategy of this investment has paid off, with an engagement rate of over 80% of users having purchased one, or more of the new forms of payment, where-as the remaining 20% are still using credit cards.

An alternative approach would be to let developers set their own local pricing, dependant on the socio-economic situation they reside in. Giving them the option to charge below $1 (US), down to the Rupee equivalent of 15c, thus giving even the most financially struggling communities the ability to purchase both apps and in-app purchases.

Google says that this being the first Game Accelerator program, it has shown far too much potential to be the last, and is already in talks with, and on the hunt for next years program.