Saturday, July 24, 2021

Coronavirus: Teachers In Singapore Discontinue Using Zoom After ‘Lewd’ Incidents

Singapore has suspended the use of video-conferencing tool Zoom by its tutors, after a "very serious incident" during a home-based lesson. Singapore shut its schools on Wednesday in answer to...

Zoom, The Video Conferencing App, Faces Inquiries Over Privacy

Zoom, the video conferencing app, faces inquiries over privacy The coronavirus epidemic has seen millions of people instructed to stay in their homes drove to Zoom, using the video conference application...

Police Surveillance And Ring Doorbell: There’s A New Technique To Opt-out Of Video Requests

Ring is giving its customers more charge over their account security with the new Control Center feature in its application. Expecting to protect customer accounts from hacking address fears related...

Nine Ways To Ensure A Strong Password

The security of your Netflix account, bank account and email inbox rest on how well you protect your passwords. How many passwords can you actually recall? You could simply have 85...

Ring Doorbell ‘Gives Google and Facebook User Data’

The notorious Ring doorbells are again in the news for giving out customer data to companies such as Google and Facebook. The Electronic Frontier Foundation reveals that the Ring app was "packed"...

Microsoft Accidentally Disclosed 250 million Customer Service Records

The company says it found no proof of malicious use. While most people were out rejoicing the start of a new year, Microsoft's security teams were working tirelessly to close...
Ring doorbell

Why Ring Doorbells Perfectly Represent the IoT Security Crisis

There's been a lot of disturbing and concerning news about how Amazon's Ring smart doorbells are getting surveillance to suburbia and igniting data-sharing relationships between law enforcement and Amazon. News reports this...
whatsapp security flaw

Update Whatsapp Right Now (Or Just Uninstall It) – Latest Security Threat

It has been confirmed that hackers had the ability to remotely set up monitoring/spy software on any smartphones and other devices utilizing a significant vulnerability in messaging app WhatsApp...

Tesla Autopilot Tricked: Is it a new challenge to Artificial Intelligence?

Researchers have tried a simple trick that might make a Tesla to automatically drive into approaching traffic under certain conditions. The proof-of-concept manipulate works not by hacking into the...