Saturday, July 24, 2021
social robot to imrpove children handwriting

Social Robot To Improve Children’s Handwriting Skills

Researchers at GAIPS Lab (University of Lisbon) in Portugal and CHILI Lab (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) in Switzerland have recently developed a self-directed system designed to help children in enhancing their...

Robo Turtles To Help Reduce Fish Stress

Robotic turtles used for surveillance could help avoid escapes from salmon farms. A sea cage can hold 200,000 farmed salmon at maximum. If the cage endures damage, such as a...

Robot Learns From Humans To Set The Dinner Table By Watching Only

You could one day teach a robot just by executing a task yourself. Till now, teaching a robot to accomplish a task has usually include either trial-and-error, direct coding, tests...
lethal autonomous weapons

Robotics researchers have an obligation to prevent autonomous weapons

Robotics is swiftly being transformed by progress in artificial intelligence. And the benefits are extensive: We are seeing robotic arms transforming factory lines that were once offshored, safer vehicles with...
autonomous blocks

MIT introduces autonomous robots that form various structures

Groups of simple, working together robots can unlock stealthy abilities for achieving complex tasks. Getting these robots to attain a true hive-like mind of coordination, however, has proved to...