A 3D image of a wrist with a watch showing part of the finger bones in white and soft tissue in red. (Source: MARS Bioimaging Ltd)

These Astonishing Pictures Of The Body Were Made By A Colored X-Ray Scanner

Anthony and Phil Butler aren’t just a son and father. The bioengineering teacher and physics professor (respectively) are also business partners. And this week, their firm, MARS Bioimaging, revealed...

Biohacker Who Implanted Chip in Hand Averts Fine in Australia

Australian biohacker Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow, co-founder of Bio Foundry, has made himself into a real-life cyborg (and yes, that’s his complete legal name). In April 2017, Meow-Meow implanted a...

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Robo Turtles To Help Reduce Fish Stress

Robotic turtles used for surveillance could help avoid escapes from salmon farms. A sea cage can hold 200,000 farmed salmon at maximum. If the cage...

No, 5G Radiation Doesn’t Cause The Coronavirus. Here’s How We Know

A conspiracy theory asserting 5G can spread the coronavirus is gaining publicity on social media. The myth allegedly gained traction when a Belgian doctor associated the...

Zoom, The Video Conferencing App, Faces Inquiries Over Privacy

Zoom, the video conferencing app, faces inquiries over privacy The coronavirus epidemic has seen millions of people instructed to stay in their homes drove to Zoom,...