BAE Systems Unveils Unmanned Robotic Military Vehicle at US Army Expo

bae unmanned militaty vehicle

Optics, electronics, and software on robust chassis are the foundation for “game-changing” battlefield capability, says defense giant.

BAE Systems, British’s largest defence company, launched this week a new kind of unmanned terrestrial military vehicle model named Robotic Technology Demonstrator (RTD) at the Association of the United States Army’s (AUSA) Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington, DC, USA.

The vehicle, similar to a tank, is governed by a range of optical systems and sensors for control and operation. BAE refers to RTD as a leap-ahead advancement for unmanned combat vehicles today.

The defense systems manufacturer further added that the RTD prototype displays advanced competencies and is flexible for upcoming weapon systems, sensors, and other payloads.”

Collection of sensors

The vehicle sports autonomous mobility to help save soldiers out of harm’s way, a set of sensors for 360-degree surveillance and situational awareness, a 30 mm remote weapons station, composite rubber track system, a Hybrid Electric Drive for fuel efficiency and a short-legged robot for reconnaissance missions along with other key features.

James Miller, who is the director for business development at BAE Systems Combat Vehicles, stated, “The Robotic Technology Demonstrator is planned as a rolling lab to incorporate developing autonomy and lethality technologies for testing.

“Its advanced optics, software, and electrical infrastructure that have been integrated onto this strong chassis provide the groundwork for game-changing battlefield ability. BAE Systems has constructed this demonstrator to help us decide the best way to lessen the risk for our soldiers while increasing their lethality.”

Flexible optics

The RTD technologies include devices with accurate 360-degree situational awareness to include signal processing, long-wave infrared imaging, and video distribution. It also contains a tethered unmanned aerial system to back situational exploration and awareness.

BAE Systems Unveils Unmanned Robotic Military Vehicle at US Army Expo

The RTD prototype is said to “leverage years of BAE Systems skill in the development and design of combat vehicles together with advanced electronic systems.”

BAE Systems is a world champion in tracked and wheeled combat vehicles, as well as Infantry Fighting Vehicles, personnel carriers, self-propelled howitzers, and amphibious vehicles.

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