6 reasons to learn scala

Most programmers and developers have debated learning Scala at one point or another if they have not learned it already. By incorporating object-oriented and functional programming, Scala has made programming easier and more functional. That led some to go as a far as claiming that Scala is better than Java. If you are still looking for more evidence to be convinced of the importance of Scala, the experts from Ottawa IT support company Firewall Technical have provided us with these 6 reasons why every programmer should learn Scala:

1. It has everything you need

What makes Scala so unique and successful is that it combines all the features from every programming language out there, giving Scala an advantage over the other programming languages. Most developers switch to Scala because the languages they were using do not offer all the features and options they need for a better coding experience, such as syntactic sugar, monads, and parsing. This distinctive characteristic offered by Scala makes coding easier, shorter and more elegant.

2. You will be a better and happier engineer

Learning Scala, according to Jason Swartz in his book Learning Scala, while taking advantage of its functional programming features, and expressive code will make you more productive in coding than you have ever been before. He also claims that when your code is better than ever and takes less time to write, thanks to Scala, coding will be fun again.

3. It is interoperable with Java

For all the Java experienced programmers who rely on Java for their coding, the interoperable feature of Scala is the answer to your concerns. Scala uses JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to run, which makes it interoperate smoothly with Java code. It is also easy to distinguish Javascript from Scala script when you have the experience, so do not worry.

4. Not so complex

For programmers, learning a new programming language is a part of their livelihood. However, not all languages meet their required expectations because they are either too complex or too inadequate. Scala is worth the learning curve because it was specifically designed to be the best and easiest language for programmers. It offers you all the features you need (Syntactic flexibility, Unified type system and Immutability among others) without being frustratingly complex. Scala is additionally much less verbose than Java and other programming languages. It needs less typing as it is explained in the popular “Hello World” example.

5. Scala is a statically typed language

Statically typed languages prevent problems and bugs from happening before you even run the program. Scala offers what is called type inference for variables and functions. It means that you do not need to specify redundant type information to Scala, the program will do type checking at compile times and solve the problem on its own.

6. The big names are using Scala now

The evidently increasing numbers of famous companies using Scala and hiring Scala developers are another reason to start learning this programming language. From LinkedIn and Twitter to Netflix and Sony, the largest companies in the world are using it, so what are you still waiting for?

If you have made up your mind and decided to start the journey of learning and exploring Scala programming, you can check here for training and resources.


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