10 Exciting Technology Products at CES 2020

CES 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show runs till Friday (10 January) and like always it has presented technology developments across many industries.  Didn’t get a CES ticket? No problem. We bring you the best technology products presented at the event.

Here is a list of some of the most exciting products introduced at CES 2020.

8K televisions

Sony 8K prototype televisions are on exhibition after a Sony news conference at CES International, Monday, Jan. 8, 2018, in Las Vegas.

The show is always a favorite event for companies to launch their latest televisions (TVs). This year was no different. Numerous manufactures publicized large models with 8K, which is known as the highest quality standard. Samsung revealed a new 8K version that gets the picture right to the edge of the TV.

Smart waste can

A company called TOWNEW displayed a waste can made for the home that does a lot of the dirty work on its own. When the can is packed, the user touches a button to start the machine’s smart abilities. The device then entirely seals the waste bag inside and places a new one, all by itself. The can then raises its lid so the user can pick up and dispose of the bag.

The TOWNEW waste can entirely seal the waste bag inside and place a new one all by itself. (Photo: Vivian Cheung – Knectek Labs Inc)

A TV that acts like a phone

Sero Tv
Samsung Sero TVs are on show at the Samsung booth during the CES tech show, Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020, in Las Vegas. The TVs can rotate to play vertically or horizontally.

Samsung also presented a TV that can be used to watch video created for a smartphone. The Sero TV does this by changing itself from the normal TV position to a standing position that looks like the shape of a phone. The TV can link to mobile devices to play video straight from the phone.

The TV is already for sale in South Korea for around $1,600. The company says it is invented to attract “the mobile generation.” Samsung says it intends to expand Sero’s availability “to numerous global markets in 2020.”

Snore stopping pillow

Snore Pillow
The “motion pillow” is designed to gather information about the dozer’s head position and breathing in the night. The system then utilizes this data to alter the shape of the pillow, with the help of built-in air bags. (Photo: Motion Pillow)

People who snore while they sleep might be assisted by the “Motion Pillow.” This smart pillow is designed to gather information about the dozer’s head position and breathing in the night. The system then utilizes this data to alter the shape of the pillow, with the help of built-in air bags. The concept is that by changing the pillow, the sleeper’s head will move just enough to increase airflow through the nose and lessen snoring.

A sitting Segway

S-pod transporter
Segway’s new S-Pod transporter is designed to be used in enclosed areas such as amusement parks airports, amusement parks and shopping malls. (Photo: Segway)

Segway people movers have been around for many years, but the company used CES to reveal its new S-Pod model. The innovative transporting “pod” seems like a small chair with wheels. The company says its new model is designed to be used in bounded areas such as amusement parks, airports, and shopping malls.

Phone charger and car battery saver

The Mophie Powerstation Go can wirelessly charge smartphones, but can also be used to jumpstart a car with a dead battery. (Photo: Source: ZAGG/Mophie)

Mophie revealed a new charging device that can wirelessly charge smartphones. More on, it can be used to jumpstart a car with a dead battery. The Powerstation Go has two USB openings for device charging, along with a powerful light and car battery connectors.

AI to block the sun


Technology company Bosch launched several new products at CES, together with its new Virtual Visor for cars. The Virtual Visor is designed to substitute the traditional vehicle sun visor. The company says the system uses artificial intelligence to find the accurate position of the driver’s eyes. It then darkens only a tiny part of the car’s windshield through which the sun could affect the driver’s vision.

Invisible car hood

Invisible Car hood

Automobile industry company Continental exhibited a new technology that appears to make the front end of a vehicle vanish. The company says the technology, called “Transparent Hood,” intends to make driving easier and safer. Cameras deliver video of the area below the vehicle, allowing the driver to see road conditions and objects that might pose danger.

Automobile industry company Continental exhibited its new vehicle technology, called “Transparent Hood,” which intends to make driving easier and safer. (Photo: Continental)

Virtual keyboard

Samsung Virtual Keyboard

Samsung offered the first look at a technology that can change just about any surface into a device keyboard. The virtual keyboard is known as “SelfieType.” The system uses a device’s camera to evaluate finger movements as they “type” on a flat surface and displays the results on the phone. Samsung says the virtual keyboard does not need any other equipment besides a mobile device. The technology is still being tried.

Wearable air purifier

Wearable Air Purifier
Aō Air exhibited its wearable air purifier designed to be a high-tech face covering to block pollution at CES ( Photo: Aō Air)

A company called Aō Air presented a wearable air purifier. The device is designed to be a high-tech face covering to obstruct pollution. The purifier absorbs air using a filtration system and then uses fans to make a small area of clean air in front of the device. The company says the design allows the air to be purified — minus the need for a solid seal.

Toilet paper robot

Toilet Paper Robot
RollBot, a toilet paper-carrying droid made by Unit 9 and Charmin, brings a roll of toilet paper through a bathroom, Monday, Jan. 6, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

And lastly, personal products company Procter & Gamble introduced a robot that can serve people when they use the toilet. The RollBot was explained by the company’s Charmin division as a “first-of-its-kind” invention. The little, self-balancing robot can be run by a smartphone to get bathroom users a fresh roll of paper without leaving the toilet seat.

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